Saturday, October 8, 2011

Have you heard of this? Shannon showed this to me last time she was here. It is the greatest thing. I save pictures to my computer all the time - but this - this is so very cool. If you are on a website or blog and you see a picture you like you simply click a "pin it" application that you install in your bookmark bar. You then decide which board you would like to pin it to (home, kitchen, party, clothes, hair, ect.) simple, easy, neat and tidy. The very best thing about it, besides that you can keep all your pictures really organized is that the picture you have pinned will always be linked back to the original source from which you found it. This is great for credit, or instructions, or reference. I  LOVE it.
I found this on Pinterest -

and I thought that it would be fun to make with the girls out of quilt scraps for their loft. (I have finished cutting all the squares for the girls quilts! I am making quilts, and I am so excited. Me, quilting!?) I only have 2 more birds to go! You can check Pinterest out here.

This is also where we found the idea for this skate board swing, 

which has been a HUGE hit with the kids, and it was such a fun way for the boys and their dad to spend a Saturday afternoon!

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