In the words of Mrs. Weasley, "Where have you been?"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 I have been speaking at Stake Women's conference. I have been home-schooling the children. I have been to Vancouver and back with a big bunch of youth. I have been to parks and beaches. I have been baking cookies and cakes for birthday celebrations. I have been to Downton Abbey and back. I have been everywhere and have been doing everything except for blogging. As the days have passed I have felt concern for my lack of concern. But there was nothing in me to write. I have felt as though I was running just fast enough to keep ahead of the storm. I now see that I need to slow my pace to be able to go the distance. There will be no extras for the next little while. I need to be still, and slow down - for my health and for my family. 

With this came the desire to get away - from laundry, from home, from routine. So we did. Parksville was our destination. We booked a hotel and went on our way. We enjoyed 3 days of much needed change of scenery, as well as mini golf, bumper cars, playtime at the park, walks on the beach, kite flying, beach combing, skateboarding, and swimming. 

One of the very best surprises was running into the Moores our first day there. They shared their campfire, their marshmallows and cookies, and their weekend with us. 
Thank you! We will cherish the memory.

 While at the playground my job was to follow Nya around, while Darren chased the older and faster children. 
This is a big park. You cannot see your little ones from the side-lines. 
You are required to be an active participant, which is part of the fun of it all.
As it turned out I was not the only one. 
Wherever she went, the little boy in the orange shirt followed. 
It was the cutest thing.

 This is my favorite. You cannot tell which locks are hers and which ones are mine.

Nya - talking on her rock phone.

Parksville, we love you.


  1. So Fun! I am so glad you guys got away from it all. I love how your hair and Nya's hair match, and also how Noelle's and Darren's facial expression is the exact same. You have a wonderful family!

  2. So glad to have you back my blogger girl...I have missed you. Thanks for the wonderful pictures too!! Love you...