Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthday mornings around here are pretty exciting stuff. The house is always filled with the smell of cinnamon, as the birthday child will undoubtedly request a 'breakfast cake'. This is a Swedish recipe that Darren brought back with him after his 2 years there. Served warm with milk on top, it is the yummiest thing! 

 Breakfast was served with a side of Star Wars (new figures the kids gave him). 

Every time we would go into Winners, Bergen would ask me to buy him this globe. 
Every time we left without it, until one day, as his birthday approached, 
I put it on hold while he looked at the toys and had Darren go back and buy it later. 
He was so excited. He quickly awarded it a place of honor on his dresser, 
where he keeps all his most special things (including dead bugs and Lego creations).

  The morning wouldn't be complete without a battle. 
As a mother I wonder if it is quite unladylike to let my 3 year old daughter wield a light saber, 
but the fencer in me is oh so proud!

Bergen ended his day playing street hockey with the "men" from church. He was so excited to be able to go. 
I was told by one very proud dad that Bergen scored 2 goals and one assist.
All in all, I was informed by the birthday boy himself that it was one very great day!


I want you to know just how grateful I am for you. You are a very serious little guy. You think about things and you feel deeply. Sometimes you need to be told that everything is okay and to relax and smile, but when I hear you laugh it is all the more rewarding. You find humor in the most interesting of situations, and I cannot help but giggle. You love your little sister and care for her, always - even when she is being true to 3 and screaming to get her way. You never stop your offers for piggy-backs. You are always quick to pick up your light saber and let her have her way with you. Thank you for all you teach me. 

Love. Mom


  1. Nothing wrong with little girls playing light sabers. (At least that's what I tell myself) :)

    Happy Birthday, Bergen!