7 minus 4 plus 3

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The house is strangely quiet.
Darren has taken Noelle, Bergen and Tate up to Long Beach.
Darren's brother, Brent and his 2 oldest children, Lauren and Conner, are joining them tomorrow, 
while the other half of their family (Tracey, Kaylee and Jordan) will be coming here to spend a couple of days with the three of us.

So this weekend we will be doing whatever strikes the fancy of four little girls.
But before we begin, and while we await our dear cousins...

We painted our nails.

(waiting for the paint to dry)

 We picked some flowers from the garden. 
This is one of Nya's most favorite things to do.

We wiggled a loose tooth.

The dentist told Emma just this morning that she had a tooth that should be coming out very soon. Little does he know that my children's teeth, once they are wiggly, take absolutely forever to fall out. 
She, apparently, would like to speed up the process.

We ate Kraft Dinner and cucumbers for supper! 
Well, the girls did.

And we ended our night on the sofa, watching a movie.

Wishing you a happy weekend.
After all, we only have 3 left until school is in!


  1. That last photo is sooo cute!
    Does Nya still stick her fingers in her mouth? I don't want to paint Aubrey's fingernails as she does all the time!

  2. Same, love the photos of you holding Nya.