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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Many people are asking how the running is going. So I just thought I would tell you - it is going really well. I cannot believe it. I would never have thought it - I love running. 
The only problem has been my knees, well that and I am pretty sure that I have asthma. I am working on that with my doctor. Back to my knees - I have been asking everyone and anyone who runs if this is normal, and what I can do (I thought for sure it would be my feet, but so far they holding up really well). I have received all kinds of advice, for which I am thankful. 
I happened to be able to talk with a medical professional last night at a social event. After he asked me how the running was going (he has seen me on the road) I felt safe to ask him what he thought about my knees. He said that it doesn't sound like I am doing damage, and he recommended that I try a few simple exercises to help strengthen the muscles around my knees. He thinks with some help they will be just fine. Another piece of advice I have received is to simply run less. I went for a run this morning, after taking a three day break, and doing other forms of exercise. I think I experienced runners high for the first time ever! It was the most fantastic feeling. I was able to run faster than I have been able to so far (which is still slow, but an improvemnet for me), AND I was able to run all the way up our killer hill, which just so happens to be uphill on the way home, at the end of my run. I didn't think I would ever see the day.  
So with some knee strengthening exercises and running only 2 or 3 times a week and cross training with a variety of other things in between, I think my running will only improve.
Thanks for asking!
Feeling triumphant {after making it up that hill}


  1. Shelli loves running? Could this be? hahaha :) I am very impressed to hear how well it is all going. Keep up the good work! You will be ready for a race in no time.

  2. That is so awesome! I am so excited that you feel like you have found a solution to the knee pain! AND you felt the runners high, now you will be "addicted" for sure! You rock for conquering your hill! keep it up Shelli!

  3. Way to go!!!!

    Running up your hill is an impressive accomplishment.