Monday, October 15, 2012

We have been busy around here.

Tomorrow is a special day. Nya will be turning 4! This fifth babe of mine turned little lady. 

Nya, you are every good thing I could have ever wanted, just like your older siblings you have filled, completely, my heart with joy and thanksgiving. 
Once only a whisper and a secret spark in my heart, now a piece of my being that I could never be the same without. You are my most loyal companion. 
You follow me everywhere. You will not be left behind. You are the bling on my hip, the sparkle at my side. You have brought such joy to this little peace of here we call home. 
God knew. And every day I feel abundantly blessed that He did so. How could I have ever known what joy he had preserved for me. 
For when I thought I was at an end, He breathed the special surprise of you into my soul. 

Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet Nya.

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