pocket pie

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is here, and as unoriginal as it is to say - I think it is my favorite!
We have been filling our school days with all things autumn - crafts, curriculum, and kitchen. 
Today we made individual apple pies. (Debra, if you are looking for your pie maker, it is here!)
Since I was not the least bit interested in making my own pastry we bought ready made pie crusts 
from the store and rolled them out with which to make our pies. 
It worked really well. 2 pie crusts made 6 mini pies.

They turned out ever so cute, and I was informed that they were delicious.

 I think we will try making mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. 
I figure if I use the same pie maker and just cut off the leaf they will look like little pumpkins!


  1. Those little pies look cute and yummy! Happy Fall :)

  2. Bring them over, I would like some.