Like Mother, Like daughter

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nya and me, asleep on the way home from Vancouver after getting up at 4:30 a.m.
(and this is what my husband does, takes picture of us while we can't defend ourselves)

Do you ever look at a picture of yourself when you were a child, as a grown adult with children of your own and think, "where were my parents and what were they thinking?"
Whenever I paint a room I have to use a tall ladder to reach up to the ceiling. While I was painting the office a couple of weeks ago Nya discovered the ladder and wanted nothing more than to climb up it, over and over again.
Would you believe that my parents have a picture of me at that same age, at the top of a ladder, while my mom was out and my dad was suppose to be watching me. He saw no problem with his baby climbing a ladder.... over a concrete garage floor. But I am still alive to tell the tale and apparently it is in the genes.


  1. so cute.
    That story is just like what happened today...we were in the sunroom and the outside door was left open and we didn't realize it. Jared thought Aubrey was with me and I thought she was with him. I came in looking for her and we saw the door. I looked outside and she was at the bottom of the back steps. She must have heard us coming and tried to hurry and took a header off the last step! She has a huge bump on her forehead now!

  2. Those are great pictures! Nya is getting so big! Give her a kiss for me.