New Laundry System Requires Laundry Room Makeover

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ever Since we moved into this house I have been struggling in vain to figure out what I wanted to do with our laundry room to make it more useable. Every inch has to count as it is not a big room, and the one main wall houses a pocket door, so there can be no shelves or cupboards anchored to that wall. The first step was easy - rip out the closet and put a wall of cubbies in that space. We did this a couple of years ago - kids love them, I love them, they look great! Next we stacked the washer and dryer originally thinking that we could put in a standing deep freeze or maybe a sink, but what about a folding surface? This room will not fit all 3 of my wants, so I have been going over and over in my mind which option would work best for this space and our family. The sink, as much as I would love one, wasn't really necessary as I have a bathroom right beside the laundry room and if and when I need to rinse something out I can and do use that one. Next, a deep freeze. This was tough as we, being a family of 7, need extra food storage. So we held off making any plans for the rest of the room as I didn't know what I really wanted to do.....Until........I came across this blog and my creative mind started sketching and planning (or should I say idle, by this point I had been in bed for a week because of my foot surgery and to keep myself sane I was coming up with all sorts of new projects and drawing them out to show my husband. Can you guess how excited he was! Ya, about that much) But ever willing, he agreed, and this Saturday we are building my new storage system. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have figured this out. Laundry is not my most favorite thing to do, in fact it is my nemesis. Hand me a vacuum any day and I am one happy woman, but the laundry!? I think it is because not only is it never ending, but it is a 12 step process: Make sure everyone puts laundry in hamper, take hamper downstairs, sort, put in washer, wash, transfer to dryer, dry, transfer to baskets, carry upstairs, dump on bed, sort into everyone's individual baskets, call children to come and get their baskets, ask (a.k.a. nag) them to put clean laundry away, begin cycle again, and again, and then again. So although it may seem like I am beginning a new project when I should be finishing the ones I have already begun, really I am finishing one that began 2 years ago. And this project, I am hoping, will keep me a little more organized and free up some time and mental space to finish some of the other ones still waiting. now if only I could install a laundry shoot, humm? Oh, well maybe someday in my dream house!

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