Daddy's Day

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To the giver of horse rides, and piggy backs, to the pusher of swings, to him who teaches little hands how to throw a ball and ride a bike, for the one who puts the worm on the hook, and carries sleeping wee ones up to bed, for the man whose heart was stolen the moment he looked into his daughters eyes and whose footsteps are followed in by the little red runners of sons, to our superman and our prince charming, for the one who picks up the sad and fallen and puts them back on the horse - your role is immeasurable. Your daughters need to believe that you think they are beautiful. They need your protection. Your sons need to know that you are a man of honor. They will grow seeing, not a man of perfection, but one being perfected through Christ. They will see the goodness with which you love their mother, and the endless sacrifice you make so that we can enjoy a most beautiful life. To the man that I married, to the father of our 5 children, I am so grateful for the hope you hold in your heart of something grand, I am grateful for the strength you share with us all - In the words of Nya, "Happy Daddy's Day"

All Darren requested for Father's Day was a cake. I had big plans to make one from scratch,
but when the kids saw this while we were grocery shopping they thought it was just perfect
for their dad - the blue icing reminded them of waves. When we got home a lego surfer was
added by little boys with big imaginations!

And to my own dad, 
I am glad we both survived my adolescence to be able to really like each other. 
Happy Father's Day! I love you dearly.

This brought tears to my eyes. The kids kept looking from the video to me, trying to figure out why I would feel emotional about this.
Simply, it is the sweetest idea ever! I wish I had seen this before I had my first little baby. But it's never too late, I suppose.
Dads, your love and kindness is so important to your children.

"Young men, you are your father’s pride and joy. In you they see a promising future and their hope for a better, improved version of themselves. Your accomplishments are a joy to them. Your worries and problems are their worries and problems.
Fathers, you are the primary model of manhood for your sons. You are their most meaningful mentor, and believe it or not, you are their hero in countless ways. Your words and your example are a great influence on them."  

~ M. Russell Ballard ~

"God bless you, dear fathers. May He bless you with wisdom and judgment, with understanding, with self-discipline and self-control, with faith and kindness and love. And may He bless the sons and daughters who have come into your homes, that yours may be a fortifying, strengthening, guiding hand as they walk the treacherous path of life. As the years pass—and they will pass ever so quickly—may you know that “peace … which passeth all understanding” as you look upon your sons and daughters, who likewise have known that sacred and wonderful peace." 

~ Gordon B. Hinckley ~

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  1. Beautifuly put as usual. What a great tribute to your husband and father. Loved the quotes. Thanks for sharing.