a play with friends and a clean closet to boot!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today as friends played I got to work and cleaned out my closet..... 

....making room for my new boots.

I have been looking for a pair of boots for a while now. I quickly found out that boots, especially ones that won't hurt my feet, are expensive! I had my eye on these Miz Mooz since last fall. As much as I loved them, I was unwilling to pay the price. I thought maybe in the summer they would go on sale, being off season. But would they have my size left?

A few weeks ago I saw that they were, in fact, on sale for 50% off, but they didn't ship to Canada. So I ordered them and had them sent to my sister-in-laws house, to be picked up when I went down last weekend to visit. Thanks Shannon. (Happy birthday. I hope you had a one!)

They fit perfectly, and the very best part - they are so comfortable. I am sure you are all so sick of hearing just how much my feet hurt........ but they do........ all the time. It is, I think, a fact of life for me from here on out. I need to be really careful. So when I find something that I like, that I can afford, and that is comfortable I get so excited. I do love shoes, after-all.

Now that summer has finally arrived I am all ready for fall. No rush, though. Fall, take your time coming. My boots will be waiting for me when you arrive.

Mom, I have a bag of things for you. It may or may not contain the grey flats you like! (They hurt my feet)
Also, good luck with your move. Missing you both. Love, Shelli

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  1. Well I hope they DO contain those cute grey flats. Sure love you & miss you too my most precious daughter. We are headed up to Edmonton with more stuff on Saturday. I will give your love to all & a special hug to your sweet nephew. Once again...LOVE...LOVE...LOVE you!!!!