much ado about nothing

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

- The peonies are in full bloom and as beautiful as ever.

- The backyard pond frogs are basking in the sunshine.

- My closet is out of control again. I desperately want to tackle it.

- Inspired by my half marathon running friends, I went out on Monday and bought some new gear. 
You cannot go to an event like that and not get inspired. I ran 10k on Monday and again today. 
I tell you this because I was one of those people that couldn't run, or so I believed. 
I am not an athlete. I never have been. I am not naturally talented at sports.
I don't love every minute as I run. 
I do love when I am finished. I do love that I can push my body 
forward with my mind and do something hard. I do love the inner confidence that comes with 
achieving something you thought you could never do.  
How long will I keep it up? 
I don't know.....
It doesn't really matter. I am not in a competition. I am training my mind to never say never.

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  1. Very cute top and shoes! And a 10k? Pretty darn great! Good for you!