The Bob

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The bob is and will always remain my VERY favorite little girl hair cut! Emma's hair was cut in a bob all the time when she was little. And then she grew.....and she wanted her hair to grow with her. Since it is her hair (and since I could NOT convince her to have a bob again) she started to grow it out. She said that she wanted it down to her bottom. In the mean time, I was expecting baby #5, which we all knew through personal experiences, was going to be a little girl. My 3rd! I could not believe that I was going to be so lucky as to have 3 girls! Since my baby girl was no longer a baby girl and didn't want her hair the same way I wanted to keep it, FOREVER, I placed all hopes in my new daughter. She at least for a while would sport a bob - until......... she was born.......and her hair started to grow........and it was CURLY! She has the most lovely curls, but it did not fit into my plans. {I must say though that I do love her curls, I hope she will too!}The only one of my children, out of 5, who got my curly hair. The rest of our children got dads, beautiful straight hair. I actually had been so pleased with myself {like it really had anything to do with me} for not passing on my curly hair that has a mind of its own and gets temperamental in the least bit of heat or moisture. I have always thought those with straight hair have it so easy - sweet and simple. Nya will not be fulfilling my dreams of a daughter with a bob.
Fast forward a little ways - enter Emma {whose hair by this point is almost to her bottom} announcing that she wants a bob. I couldn't believe it. I had let go of ever seeing another bob. I had her wait a few weeks to make sure that that is what she REALLY, REALLY wanted and not something she would regret after. I did not want her doing it for me or anyone else. {I also did not want to pay to have a professional do it and I will admit, I was scared. I cut everyone else's hair, but a bob? THAT involves layers!} Well I got over my fears and did it, and I must say it turned out just as cute as I remember it ever being. And she LOVES it!!
On a side note, we went to a family reunion last week and everyone kept commenting on how much Nya looks like me and my heart changed. I was not longer sad for Nya that I had given her hair that she will struggle with, but passed on a piece of myself, something only she and I share. It touched my heart and I am so happy to have 1 baby with curls!


  1. ME TOO! I saw her on Sunday and thought, how STINKIN cute it looks! Shelli - YOU DID THAT YOURSELF?! I actually had this exact thought when I saw her haircut... "Wow! Most times the hairdresser makes little girl bobs look weird, but that is so cute!" My goodness, teach me, teach me !