Dear Nya,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I would beg you to please stay just this age, just this size, for the rest of your life. Please don't grow one day older. Please remain 2 for all my life. I would ask, but I know that you can't. You must grow. So instead I would ask you to please remember how you came to our family when we thought we where complete. Please remember that you filled our hearts and our home with so much joy and love. Please remember that you had the most beautiful brown curls, and the brightest blue eyes, and a smile that no one could resist. Please remember that you combined dad and Darren to form your first word, Daden. Please remember how much you loved your dad and how much he loved you. Please remember how we called you Itty-bitty. Please remember how you would give everyone kisses before bed and we would all ask for more. Please remember how you would be the first to come for family prayers, and how you would fold your arms and close your eyes - you were such an example to all of us. Please remember when I would give you a bath and dress you in cozy jammies and snuggle you. Please remember when you wanted to brush your teeth 20 times a day. Please remember that the day you were born you changed everything. Our little family really was complete now and we could all feel it. Please remember that life without you could never have been as sweet. Please remember that you were born to goodly parents, who tried, and sometimes failed, but never gave up. Please remember, for your whole life, that you are a daughter of GOD! Please remember why you are here. Please fulfill your earthly mission knowing that you will never be alone. And since you must grow please know for now and always that you are LOVED! More than words can say, please remember! You will always be my Itty-bitty! 
Happy 2nd birthday Nya, love mom

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