A girl and her doll

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emma and her baby doll. 
I bought this doll for Emma when she was 2 years old. She has loved it from the beginning. At Christmas that year, I bought her a Cabbage Patch doll (mostly because of how much I remember loving mine when I was little). She opened the package and would have nothing to do with the doll. I was so sad. 
A couple of days later I saw her playing with the new doll, so I watched her unnoticed for a minute. She was undressing the Cabbage Patch doll, and I was so excited....until I realized that she was undressing the new doll and putting the clothes on Her baby. When the clothes had been removed, over the shoulder went the Cabbage Patch! She still has both dolls, and I am sure you can tell which one she prefers! 
(Truth be told, this too, is my most favorite baby doll I have ever seen in my many mom years of searching for baby dolls. I am glad she loves her so much)
(And I have a confession: I can still enjoy holding baby dolls!)

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