Extreme Home Make-Over: Doll House Edition

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is the doll house I wanted to give to Nya for her 2nd birthday. This is the doll house that could not be found for sale ANYWHERE in store or on the WWW. So I had to go with the next best available option.
This is the doll house I found. Since I was desperate, I thought maybe I could make it work. The one I found though had a tan roof and a red chimney though. My plan was to cover up the pink shutters, paint the door, the furniture and the chimney. Darren cut me some little wooden rectangles and I glued them over the shutters. Then I painted the door white, which I didn't end up liking at all, so I decoupaged it with some cute scrap booking paper. Then I sprayed all the furniture - some pink, some white, and some green. After I was done all of that I didn't mind the red chimney anymore and decided to leave it. Oh, and the dolls - the original set came with 2 dolls. I thought that I could sew them some new clothes (they are seriously even uglier in real life) and try and find a baby somewhere to add to the set. What good is playing house without a baby! I didn't have much luck finding one, but along the hunt I found these animal families called Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners, and I fell in love. They are the cutest things. My kids love animals, so I though I would forget about the people all together for now and go with a family of animals. I was in the Red Ballon for AN HOUR! I could not decide which family to get. They have every different kind of animal family you could think of. In the end I choose the hedgehog family, because they were SO cute and because we have a real hedgehog and Nya loves him. So although it isn't the house I wanted, I think it turned out pretty cute, and Nya loves it! (although I do realize that she would've still loved it ugly!)

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  1. Adorable! My girls also love Calico Critters - but I've never seen the hedgehogs before. So cute.