A boy and his lego

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bergen spends much of his free time creating new things out of lego. I wish I had taken more pictures. He has, in the past, asked me to build with him, which I have happily done. I am a master of sheep (1, eight square block for the body, on top of 2, two square blocks at each end for the legs, with 1, four square block on the top at one end with only 2 squares attached - the other 2 hang off the edge, making the head. They are pretty cute if I do say so myself, but not really up to par with Bergen's standards of excellence or creativity. Fortunately for me (and Bergen) Darren is a master also, but of so much more than little sheep! These 2 will spend long hours together and come up with the most incredible inventions. (I on the other hand now get passed over for Darren and his abilities) You're never too old for lego!

 This is the space station Bergen built to go towards earning a badge in Cubs.

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