The Candy Fairy

Monday, November 1, 2010

We love fairies around here - the Toy Fairy, the Tooth Fairy, we have even had a Bottle Fairy. These fairies usually assist in the process of helping the children to make good choices and teach responsibility (or giving up a beloved sippy cup).
I love Halloween. I love making costumes with the kids and seeing them all dressed up and excited. I love the parties, carving pumpkins, and bon fires. I DO NOT love the candy. While I would never deprive them completely from enjoying sugar, I try really hard to teach my children to make healthy choices about what they eat, while still allowing them to have some treats once in awhile. Some of them are getting older and the choice for the most part is theirs. It is no longer my place to make those choices for them - all I can do is teach and set the example.  I always feel like the big bad bully after Halloween when all I want to do is throw out all the sugar.
I was talking about this with my friend Rachel and she asked me if I had ever heard of the Candy Fairy. I told her that I had not heard of that one. She told me that if children choose to leave their bags of candy out at night, the Candy Fairy will come along and take the candy and leave them a present in return! All of my children (with the exception of Tate who informed us that he could hold out until Christmas for toys) thought this would be a really fun thing to try.
So after getting to eat some of the treats they gathered from Trunk or Treat on Saturday night, they left the rest out for the Candy Fairy (In the end Tate did decide to join in). She came, took away a BIG bag of candy that will not be consumed by my children, and left them each a small toy and a book or 2.
When the kids woke up in the morning, they were so excited to get their surprises! And I was so happy to have the candy gone - guilt free! (and it didn't go all to waste - we had plenty of friends and family who were happy to eat our share of the spoils!)
So in the end the kids (and Darren) had a few treats and a surprise the next day. I had peace, and we all had a great Halloween.

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  1. This is such a good idea Shelli!! Hopefully someday Keb and I will be able to use this one!