It's Saturday morning.....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

and the breakfast bowls stay empty......
 the dishes remain undone....
the compost bucket sits full....
and the clean laundry waits to be put away....
all because there is snow!
And the children have better things to do that chores.
For snow only lasts so long around here.
So most of us play while we can...
and the rest enjoy the wonder of it all from inside our home. 
The world seems to get very quiet and 
everything looks clean and beautiful. 
It is Mother Natures way of gently whispering 
for all to slow down and enjoy. 
I, for one, intend to listen.


  1. Thanks for the snow photos! I was hoping I'd see some!
    I just hope our belongings get to us before snow hits us so I have some snow gear!

  2. So cute Shelli! Your blog is so happy, I love it.

  3. I wish we would get snow down here. Something that really never happens except for on rare occasion (pretty much a thin sheet of more than that). It does look peaceful and beautiful.