Friday, November 19, 2010

My old machine (and when I say my, I really mean my moms!) decided to pack it in right at Halloween, as I was sewing costumes. Luckily it worked just well enough to sew the pieces together that needed to be together. It wasn't pretty, but as long as you didn't look to closely it did the job. After that it died, utterly and completely. It has had a good long life and sewed many, many projects for years, and years, and years. We took it in to get repaired - no such luck.
So I went on the hunt for a new machine. I shopped around and asked questions and finally found the machine that was right for me. It turns out that it is a good time to shop for machines as the stores have started their Christmas sales.
I have had material for new pillows and curtains for the girls room sitting around teasing me every time I see them, and I now have a new machine (that I just LOVE), it is the time that I cannot seem to find!

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  1. Wow! How very exciting! It looks like a awesome machine!