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Friday, November 5, 2010

Every month we memorize a scripture, value, word and quote. We use the same monthly scripture that the children are learning in primary and I pick a word, value and quote that goes along with it. The kids recite the board every morning durning our devotional, and they actually love it! In the beginning they read it off the board, but then it becomes a challenge for them to recite it from memory. By the time I change it up for the next month, they have the previous month memorized so well that they automatically start reciting it. 
I want my children to learn how to be good people. The word good has become so trite in our modern culture, but the biggest compliment someone could give me about my children is that they are good people. If they turn out smart and cute and every other nice thing that parents want for their children to be - great!, but if they are not good they have nothing in the end. 
Most days an outsider observing my children might not be able to tell that this is one of my major goals in life and that I do actually spend a great deal of my time attempting to teach them right from wrong, good form bad, kindness, generosity, charity and the meaning of family, but as with most things, it takes time. 
This past Stake Conference our Stake President gave a talk on just this thing. He described a woman who devotedly watered her newly seeded lawn so that the seeds would take and not dry out and die. She was very pregnant and had 2 little ones as well. She said that after about 2 weeks she had the biggest, greenest weeds you had ever seen. She went on to describe that this is how she felt about life in general - she was just watering weeds, feeding one end of her kids and cleaning up the other. She shared her struggle with whether what she was doing in her life would actually amount to any good. But then she described the feeling she had when her efforts in caring for the new seed finally resulting in something worth while. As is with our lives raising young children - the work must go in first and it must be made a priority. We cannot let them dry out and wither and die. We must never give up and one day we will see the long awaited results that we have worked so hard for. This is my goal, this is my prayer, 
"That on that resurrection day, I may stand before my Savior and say, Here am I am the children you gave me." Author Unknown
Someone this past summer asked me if I ever worried that my children wouldn't get a good enough education by being home-schooled. I do believe that she meant no harm, but I also think she was expecting me to say, 'Oh, no, I never worry about that!" Instead I told her the truth and I said, 'YES!" I think I surprised her. You see, when you make the choice to home school, you must be prepared for critics. It is that way whenever you make a choice that goes against pop culture. Most people are positive and nice, at least to you face and others don't even need to be acknowledged. {This is MY blog, after all}. With home-schooling one tends to be prepared with all the right answers to other peoples questions, or you learn on the job! I think the reason I surprised this friend was because she had probably never been given that answer before, and I know why, because we home-schoolers need not allow any room for debate or criticism, especially with those just waiting to pounce. But since I was honest in my fear, we were able to have a very comfortable and open conversation about it. In expressing some of the reasons I chose to home-school with her and some of the things I no longer had to worry about, she said, "So, it's like a worry exchange then?" And I said , "Yes?!, that is exactly what it is!" I love that phrase. I am grateful that we had that talk. What a great expression! I no longer worry that my girls will grow up too fast, that my boys will be exposed to pornography or violence. I don't worry about them hearing foul language or getting bullied. I do worry that I won't be smart enough to school them, or maybe that they are getting plenty of quantity time but are they getting quality time? Am I really able to do it all? Will I crack? These are my fears. But I try hard to focus on the positive. I am their mother. I was inspired to home-school. I can do this if I have the Lord's help, and it can even be fun!

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