There's no place like home, except maybe Tofino

Friday, August 26, 2011


Things to remember:
- Nya slept really well and did much better overall than I had anticipated
- Long Beach is so much more beautiful than I remember
- our van worked well except for the 1 time we had to jump start it because we left the interior lights on and drained the battery
- Darren drove the truck with the boys and all the toys and I drove the van with the gear and the girls, so I didn't get car sick at all
- the pizza in Tofino is HUMUNGOUS 
- EVERYTHING gets dirty, that is just part of camping
- but everything also comes clean again, and hot showers feel so good
- my husband is pretty cool!
- my sisters-in-law are the very best kind of people 
- We saw a Barenaked Lady (of the musical variety, that is)
- Darren shared a wave with Sarah Mclachlan (also of the musical sort)
- I, after 13 years of Darren trying to get me out there, surfed! And I got up the very first time I tried! My thoughts about this: Why did I wait so long? And there is nothing like catching that wave. As Billabong says ,"only a surfer knows the feeling". I now understand (to a very small degree) the passion my husband has for this. I am absolutely hooked! 
It was too fun to have Mike, Julianne, Brent, Lauren, Darren and myself all out at the same time surfing in the ocean together.
- I am so very glad I went. I cannot wait for the next time!


  1. I am so proud of you!!!! Yeayyy!! Im glad you had so much fun, Camping is fabulous! Good for you catching the "bug" xo

  2. Nice work on the surfing, Shelli! I love the photo of Tate and the waves. Gorgeous.