Friday, August 5, 2011

Every summer we head up to Parksville - we love it there. We were able to get up there this Saturday along with Mike, Julianne, Owen and Lyla. We played on the playground, we got wet in the water park, we enjoyed the beach, we even fit in a few games of tennis! And, as 1 just must, we ended the day off with ice cream cones! 
I feel so very blessed to live in this most beautiful place. I feel confusion at the fact that we feel something else may be awaiting our family. I feel that I should be contented and satisfied. But then I realize that I am not asking, seeking or even wanting something more, I am wanting something different. Maybe wanting is not even the right word. Maybe I am needing something else. Maybe there is something I need to learn somewhere other than here. 
We may or may not have a big move ahead of us, but 1 thing is for sure - no matter where life takes us, whether we stay and grow old here or find home on some other part of the world it will be an adventure I don't want to miss, and I am so grateful to be able to share it with Darren and all our mini's.


  1. SOOO FUN!! You got a great picture of Owen too :) Your glamour sun hat is divine.

  2. Uhh, your hat is adorable. And WHAT is tihs moving business?! Why have you not discussed this with me?! Sheesh. I like to know these things !