oh siblings, where art thou?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa McCullough took the 4 oldest children to the Chemainus Theatre today to see 'Snow White', leaving Nya home alone with me. I planned a busy, but quiet, afternoon. I scheduled the carpets to be cleaned and thought I would begin to calendar the fall semester for home school. This all would have worked out beautifully, except for the fact that I couldn't put Nya down for her nap because the cleaners were here. So instead I ended up chasing a turkey around the house and backyard. A turkey who almost doesn't know what to do with herself without all her built-ins. It struck me this afternoon just how much she (and I) depend on them. Nya wants to be pushed on her bike. Nya wants up on the trampoline. Nya needs this. Nya needs that. And for the most part I don't do these things. The other children do. Nya knows no other way of life. She has never been without them. I on the other hand have become accustom to the extra help that is offered by the older children, and I gladly except it. I am grateful for their love and care for each other. I use to be the 1 who would push the swings, pull the wagons and piggy back babes, but I have been replaced with much younger and much more exciting models. Does this make me a terrible mom?, maybe. But since my children want to be with each other I figure I must be doing something right. And since my kids are okay with that, then so am I. I am still the 1 who provides comfort, protection and love. I know this because they want me at the first sign of fear or pain or simply when they need to talk or be hugged. But for fun they know that is found with their built-in-friends. So when people ask me if 5 is a lot of work. I can say that yes it is but so is 1, just in a very different way.

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