6 years and snow

Monday, January 16, 2012

It snowed today..... finally. 
6 years ago at this time, I was hoping it wouldn't.

6 years ago I was expecting my 4th baby, a little boy. I knew, and Darren knew, and Bergen knew. But we did not tell anyone else. This was our secret for 5 months. This was the first time we had ever found out. We shared our secret with Bergen because we were so excited for him that he was going to have a brother. When we told him he simply said, "I know". 

All during that pregnancy, knowing that we would have to drive to Victoria, over the Malahat, I worried that it would snow and that we wouldn't be able to get there. I could, of course, have gone to the Duncan hospital, but anyone who has ever felt bonded to the doctor that helped deliver their babies will understand why the trip was made. 

6 years ago today my water broke, just after dinner. We packed up our bags, settled the other children with my mom, and drove away in great excitement. There was not a snowflake in sight. Whether or not the forecast called for clear skies, I felt that my prayers had been answered. I was so sure that I was only a couple of hours away from having a baby in my arms. But that is not the way it was to be. Little did I know that he was still hours and hours and hours away.

As I watched the snow gently falling today, my mind was filled with all these memories. 

As I watched Tate watch the snow fall, and wait with great anticipation to be able to go outside and play, I recalled my own feelings as I waited for this baby to come. Although he came on his due date, he came in his own time, as slowly as the gently falling snow.

In celebration of the snowfall we made snowflake marshmallows to enjoy with out hot chocolate.
I first saw this idea on pinterest, via Martha Stewart. Instead of using that recipe though, which seemed more complex than it had to be, I thought I would use marshmallow fondant instead. So easy.
  1. melt marshmallows and water in microwave, stir
  2. add powdered sugar, mix
  3. turn out onto counter, knead, and roll out
  4. cut shapes with cookie cutters  


  1. Happy Birthday Tate! Wow, 6!!! Cute snowflakes.

  2. That is a way better idea then the Martha Stewart recipe! I also saw on pinterest where you can just freeze whipping cream and then cut out shapes too, but I never just have whipping cream on hand like I do marshmallows!