Friday, January 27, 2012

This has been a week of wonders for Noelle, and I have felt like a little girl all over again, being able to experience everything with her. 
Birthdays are pretty special around here, but this year, for this birthday, for this girl, we have had some exciting surprises in store. 

The first and best surprise would, of course, be Grandpa and Grandma Anderson showing up on our doorstep the day before her birthday. 
{Try to take a picture when your hands are shaking and your eyes are filling up with tears}

 Next, a pink camera, that she has been hoping for, for years.

Pink poodle slippers from her dear friend Clara.

Pink cupcakes made by her sisters.

Her first professional haircut - ever!

{Tate and I had such fun watching her.}

Although it is hard to see in the picture, Michelle, our hair dresser, even added sparkles to her hair when she was finished.
They look so pretty in person. 
Did you know that you can buy spray on sparkles for your hair?! 

She even got her ears pierced! 
Noelle has a very low tolerance for pain. This girl will not even pull a band aid off. 
I was really concerned that she wouldn't go through with it when we got there. 
Not only did she hop right in that chair and get it done without a flinch, she couldn't stop smiling all afternoon. 
I think I was more nervous than she was. This is my baby, you know.

And to top it all off we had planned to go to Vancouver tomorrow, but it must have all been too much for her. 
She is now down and out on the sofa, sick as she can be. Poor girl. 
What a way to end the most marvelous week ever. 

Get better Noelle. 

I cannot believe the person I see you becoming. You are so very beautiful, inside and out. 
You are your daddy's little girl, your momma's big helper, your grandparents shinning star.
Thank you for loving me, for being my daughter, and one of my very best friends. 
Happy birthday! love, Mom


  1. Happy birthday Noelle!! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Pierced ears are such a great idea for a milestone birthday! How perfect that your mom was there. Happy Birthday, Noelle.