bunny slippers

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jared, Shannon and Aubrey came for a visit last week. As usual the came and were gone again faster than we would have liked. We wish we could spend more time with them. But, also as usual, it was so nice to see them. 
We were able to give them our Christmas gifts. I made Aubrey a doll like the one I made for Nya, except I gave her a little brown bob. Shannon then started crocheting all sorts of clothes for the doll, and she made a pair of bunny slippers for Nya, so that she and her doll would have a matching pair. They are the cutest things you have ever seen! I think Shannon and I had more fun playing with the dolls than the girls did!

Thank you, Auntie Shannon. I love them! 
love, Nya & Pinkalicious {that is what she named her doll}

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