couch potatoes

Sunday, January 1, 2012

On the 29th of December, Darren and company went on their annual winter surfing trip. I stayed home with one sick little girl. Nya woke up with a fever, and slept off and on for most of the day. Although I was so sad to see her feeling so sick, it was such a peaceful relaxing day. She sat beside me on the sofa all day long. She would eat and drink a little, here and there, then lay down and drift off to sleep. I sat with Emma and we knit the day away. I made my first dish cloth! The boys played together really well all day long, while Noelle and her cousin Lauren spent the whole day playing games. 

On a side note, Brent and Tracey and kids came up to spend Boxing Day with the family. They took Noelle home with them. A couple of days later we then traveled down to Sidney to spend the day with them. Tracey taught me to knit dishcloths. The adults went out to dinner and left the little ones with Noelle and Lauren, and then we brought Lauren home with us for a few days. She was so much fun to have around. We made pancakes and french toast, sweet potato fries and sloppy joes. We watched Sense and Sensibility, and visited Auntie Julianne at work. We swam, and played games, and just had fun!

Side note #2: Are those the cutest bunny slippers you have ever seen, or what? They were a gift from a very sweet little cousin to Nya.

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