April Showers

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We have many birthdays in this family in the month of April, 2 of them belonging to Emma (April 14th) and Darren (April 22nd).

Emma is 9 years old - FINALLY! She has been counting down to this day for longer than I can remember. Why has this one been extra special? Because it means the end to the booster seat. I guess this is big business when you are small.
Everyday I am grateful for Emma. In many ways I regret having named her that. Not because I don't love the name, but simply because of its popularity. I feel as though I've failed her in some way - silly, I'm sure, but the way I feel nonetheless.
But as I have watched her grow I have come to realize that she doesn't need a unique name to make her so. She is, through and through, one of a kind! Thank you Emma, for blessing my life with your ginger hair, your silly sense of humor, and your sweet, sweet heart.

Darren is 37 this year, and somehow that makes me feel old. But young or old, I can't imagine anyone I'd rather be with, from now through to wrinkled and white-haired. 
Thank you for spending your life with me, and sharing all that you have. 

Happy birthday!
I love you both.

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