Pickle Car {a.k.a. Richard Scarry's Busytown}

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On Saturday Nya and I, accompanied by Owen and Auntie julianne, went to the theatre to see Busytown. Every night before bed, leading up to that day, Nya would count down the days left until it was time to go and see the "Pickle car". I had such high hopes that this would be so much fun, for the both of us - my enjoyment felt through her excitement. 

10 minutes into the program Nya asked if we could go home. I was so sad she didn't have the reaction I had anticipated. And then I realized in the rush of everything we had done that morning, the million places I had gone before, and the shower I was determined to get in, I forgot to feed this poor little thing lunch. Luckily, there was an intermission. We followed our noses and found that the ice rink concession stand was open and smelling so good, especially when you are feeling so hungry. With a tummy full of hotdog, we made our way back up to the show, and the second half went much better than the first. 

She has talked about it everyday since, and asks when we can go back. I think that must mean she had a great time - even if the highlight was a hotdog with ketchup!