a sad state of affairs

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wednesday morning, Nya was escorted into our room crying.  She had fallen out of her bed and hit the corner of her eye on another piece of furniture. We kept ice on it for as long as she would let us, but as her eye slowly swelled shut throughout the day, my heart swelled with hurt. This was one of those kinds of accidents that gives a visual reminder of what happened every time you look at your child, somehow breaking a small corner of a mother's heart.

Day 1


Day 2
(different day - same jammies and hair bow)

 Day 3
(same hair bow, changed out of the same pink jammies moments earlier)

By day 3 the inevitable rainbow colors of the bruise began to show.
Nya thought this was kind of cool.


Day 4
(hair bow. jammies. Are you catching the theme?)

We are on day 4 now. 
The scab is beginning to lift, and the chameleon like qualities of the bruise are in effect - 
changing its colors to that unavoidable sickly yellow. 
Not nearly as pretty as the spectrum of the day before.

But spirits are high, and healing is just around the corner. 
The worst part (besides that she was hurt) is taking your wee one out into public 
and drawing the attention of every passer-by, and wanting to assure them that you 
did not give your child the shiner she now sports. 


  1. Sadness! That poor girl! Yesterday I accidently ran Lyla's foot over with the vacuum and the skin on the top of her foot got rubbed off. The rest of the day she would point at the band-aid and cry. SO SAD!

    When I see Nya next I'll give her a big kiss and not judge you :) I'm the vacuum terrorist.

  2. That's so sad!! (for both girls!).