Beacon Hill Park

Friday, July 6, 2012

Last Saturday we were invited to a home-school graduation ceremony. Is there such a thing? Yes, and I was blown away. It was incredible. But, before we went there we decided that if we were going down to Victoria anyways, we might as well make a day of it. The weather was perfect for a trip to Beacon Hill Park and Petting Zoo, so Beacon Hill is where we went. 

 A couple who was feeding the ducks kindly gave some bread to the kids so that they could feed the ducks as well. 
And the ducklings - they were a hit.


 But it was the new baby pigs that stole the show. They are the cutest, wildest things I have ever seen.
cute. cute. cute.

 Not a zoo attraction, just a very tall dog. He was very cool!

 Darren patiently endured the intrusive attention of this goat for the sake of his kids, 
(they thought it was pretty funny), and so that his crazy wife could take a thousand pictures!

 Can you see the look in Nya's eyes? She is having a good little heart to heart with this one.

Have you ever been? If you like animals, or have a little one who does, you should go, and go soon to see those piglets!

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