a fresh coat of stain

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Saturday was spent power washing the cedar shingles on the front of the house. 
They are in desperate need of a new coat of stain. 

 It was quite a hot day and when Darren was finished the most heavenly scent of cedar filled the air. 
If you like that smell - I, for one, happen to love it. 


 Next, the staining. 
The smell involved here was much less appealing. I didn't wear a respirator and I ended with the the most wicked headache. 
Lesson learned. I will be wearing a mask when I resume. 
Also, I have done more than my share of painting, but I have not often used stain. It is quite a different experince. 
It is like painting with water - smelly, messy water. 
It runs EVERYWHERE - it drips off the brush, down my arm and onto my feet, and whatever else happens to be below. 
I have realized that this project is going to take a LONG time, but that is okay. 
I plan to take it one section at a time, and Darren will help with the high bits. When it is done it will look so much better. 
We will then be able to add the trim around the windows that never was added. 
The hard work will pay off. That is what I must keep reminding myself!

 {after - my first section done}

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  1. That would be gross to have that dripping all over like that. But it does look very nice so far :)