Dear Eggaline...

Monday, February 21, 2011

You escaped from the safety your your chicken run yesterday and when we went down to lock up for the night, you were nowhere to be found. The whole family donned puffy winter jackets and warm boots for a dark chilly search of the yard and tree tops for you. Holding out hope that you were hiding for the night and that we would find you pecking around the yard in the morning, we all woke early and looked again.
You were not there. We cried. We can only guess what happened. A part of me still hopes that I will look out my window and see you scratching for bugs, but I fear you are gone. Some may find it strange that one could ever love a chicken....yet we did. You were Emma's cherished chicken. Thank you for the eggs. We do miss you Eggaline.


  1. Oh shame!! That is so sad. I think that is the only downside of growing up with animals (losing them) :(