pink pillows

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I had been on the lookout for pink fabric to use in the girls room. The room right now is mostly grey/blue and yellow. I wanted to add some pink through pillows on theirs beds. I finally found what I had envisioned at Fabircland, and of course they were out of it. They were, however, able to special order some more in for me. It has been washed and ironed and sitting in a drawer ever since just waiting to be used. The other day I got out the sewing machine and all the supplies, at which point the girls entered the room and begged me to sew with them. So instead of sewing pillows, we have been designing and making barbie clothes. The fabric will have to wait some more. Maybe this weekend I will get to sew {by myself!}

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  1. super pretty material! Can't wait to see the finished pillows.