family night

Friday, July 20, 2012

rock climbing 
{for kids}

ice cream cones and a walk in Cowichan Bay

You would never guess what Darren was saying to Tate in this picture.
And I will never tell.
For you wouldn't want to know.
But I will never forget!
The memory will live in my mind forever.
Captured on camera.

How grateful I am for the memories pictures provide.
Through the filters on my phone I can make images look the way I want them to. 
Such is life. 
These windows into ones world - they are viewed through a filter, the individual one we each possess.
Appearing unique to the beholder.
Things look picturesque through lenses and filters.
This is how I must learn to view my life. 
Letting go of the bad, the fighting one cannot see behind the scenes.
Remember the good.
Viewed through rose colored glasses. 
This life I live, this imperfect life, is pretty perfect.
It is perfect because it teaches me that there is sad and bad and lots of ugly.
But there is also so much good.
I need the contrast so that I may know the difference.
I must learn to look for, search out, and remember the good.
I hope when my wee ones are grown they will be blessed with a filter.
One that will give them eyes to see a mom that tried so hard.
A mom who loved imperfectly, but one who loved completely.
Please, dear God, bless them with this. 
Filter my mistakes.
How grateful I am that there is such a thing as family.

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