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Friday, July 6, 2012

Darren and the 3 older kids are up at long Beach for the weekend. I am home with the two little ones. The house is oddly quiet. Tate and Nya went outside to play in the backyard after dinner and I did the dishes. I soon heard a little voice call my name, and when I looked up from the sink, this was my view!

I ran to get the camera. And when the camera comes out, so does the cheese! 

I wish I could have asked her to stay right there, not only in the window for the picture, but right there in her little 3 year old self. 
I would not ask it of her for forever, but she is growing up before my eyes, and they fill with tears as I watch my baby turn into a little girl. 
Then from little girl to big girl, and so on, as did the ones who came before. This is the way it is suppose to go. 
But I fear it is going much too fast for me. 

All I can do is enjoy every cheesy smile I am offered, hug her tight, and take lots of pictures.


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  1. And such great pictures you take! What a ham!