after Christmas clean-up

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love decorating for Christmas. I love how it cozies everything up and makes you feel like wrapping yourself in a big soft blanket, and reading a book, and drinking some hot chocolate. By the middle of November I am just counting down the days until I think it is close enough to December to decorate and not seem too crazy. But (and maybe even more) I love packing everything away when Christmas is over. By the 27th I am done with all the clutter. My family on the other hand wants to tree to stay up until the new year. Who am I to argue with such cuteness? So January 1st the tree comes down. I love the fresh clean feeling it brings. Christmas is fun, but messy: baking, sewing, glueing, wrapping, crafts, and decorations everywhere. This is also a time to move some things around. I moved the pictures of the kids I had above the fireplace so that I could put up my Christmas decorations. They found a new home in a big empty space in the stairwell. I ended up really liking them there - so for now they will stay. That means I had to shop around the house and move other things around to fill up my mantle. Fast, fresh and free. If you find yourself needing a change - move some things around! Have fun with your house.

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