Our storage room?

Monday, January 31, 2011

We live in a house with 3 bedrooms and 5 children - and since I am quite determined not to get rid of any of these delightful creatures, that only leaves 1 option - some of our stuff must go! Our bedroom has become a catch-all for everything that no longer has a place in our home. And I can stand it no longer. Today is the day. I will clean up that room. I will sell, or give away, or throw away everything that I can to once and for all reclaim my space!

We have not had a bed frame for a very long time and I have been on the hunt for years. I am also not willing to spend a ton of money. 
I found this picture here. I think it is the one, and I am so excited to get started building it. (now, when I say me I of course mean Darren) He will be so happy!


  1. I love the bed and I LOVE the bedding - those are my colours! We don't have a bed frame either and I have no idea what kind to get. If you are purging stuff, make sure you don't do it before we come and visit!! We'll be in Vic from Feb.5-14th!

  2. Gorgeous! We didn't get a bed frame until I was pregnant with Lauren (the Hemnes one from Ikea, of course) But I love the idea of a frame that you made yourself.