January Babies

Friday, January 28, 2011

I loved expecting a baby in January. After Christmas I still had something so very exciting to look forward to. Such a wonderful way to start a new year! I would like to wish both my January babies a very happy birthday.

To Noelle - You made me a mother. I walked into motherhood with rose colored glasses on and thought I knew everything. You came so sweet and small. We could not have loved you more. You have grown into a beautiful young lady. Your dad and I will often look at each other and then back to you and wonder what happened. Where did the past 11 years go? How could you have grown so quickly? Will the next 11 years go by as fast? To you I would say, take your time. Be little as long as you would like. You will have plenty of years to be grown up. And when I look at you and foolishly say, "You are acting like a child" (I actually said that once), and you so gently respond with a giggle, "I am a child" - Remember that, even at times when I may forget. As I ask to you to grow up and stay small all at the same time, do not think I'm crazy, just know that I am walking through wilderness that I have never been in before. You brought a world of firsts with you - for you and for me. You are a wonderful daughter. You are entering the years where one discovers that their parents don't know absolutely everything, and we may even seem a little strange at times. But we are yours and you are ours, and we love you, and we will always be there for you, no matter what. Remember that. You are my dearest friend.

To Tate - You, I thought, were the end to my perfect family. You came along not so small but every bit as sweet. You have the most beautiful brown eyes and the chubbiest cheeks I ever did see. God gave these especially to you. He knew that at times you would need the extra cuteness factor to work in your favor. And he knew that those 2 things would do me in every time. You grew and with you your will also. You ripped those rose colored glasses off my face and showed me what real parenting is like. I now  realize just how little I knew and how little I still know. You, my little Tater-tot, play for keeps. You do nothing half-way. You love hard. You play hard. You laugh hard. You get mad hard. And thankfully you also sleep hard.  You live with your whole self, and you take my hand and teach me to live in the moment with you. I thank you for that and for your love that you so generously give each day in every way.
Happy Birthday my babies!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Babies!!!!! Aren't they forever our babies? It doesn't matter how old they get.