A word of caution

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It can be all to easy to lose perspective - In this big wide world, that is endlessly vying for our time, attention and money - some of it worthy, other times not. Even more so when it comes to the blogging world, which I love, but with which a very carefully executed perception of things can, and is most often presented as a rule or standard, by which the rest of us can dangerously measure ourselves. No one of us is perfect. No one of us is better or less valuable than another. We must remember this and keep perspective. I love decorating, building things, and working on projects. I also love to blog, but I do it for me. Every once in a while I will have to step back, even right out of this virtual world to clear my vision for this life and the direction I am headed. When I catch myself thinking things like, "I need to blog about something new today" or "I need to update for others", it is then that a red flag of warning should and does go up. When my blog becomes a means by which to compete, or to gain a following or an audience, it also becomes hollow. There will always be someone who has more than we have, there will always be someone who seems more successful than we are. Someone will always have more children, a  more exotic career, or a bigger and better home. I want my blog to have heart. We need to find the balance between ambition and contentedness - gratitude and desire - simple beauty and impossible perfection. Some of you may be more naturally able to resist the usually feminine weakness of comparison - but to you find it more difficult and mostly to myself I would say, Please don't compare, please don't waste time on things that are of no eternal value. You are worth more than that. These things do not define who you are. I am ever honored and humbled when some kind person comments about my blog. I never assume to have any authority when it comes to decorating, or ever to have any great wisdom to impart. This blog is about the small and simple things we do for fun around our home. It is a journal of types for me. I do it for the love of the thing. If we as a nation spent as much time working on ourselves as we do our homes, we would be a most beautiful people. So have fun using your talents and ideas to create, these gifts were given to us from God to use, and to experience joy with. God delights in beauty and order. We as women have been given the ability to spread this wherever we go - each one of us in our own unique way, and therefore maybe even a responsibility to beautify our small piece of the world over which we have been given stewardship. To be hardworking and industrious is a wonderful thing. So I will continue to paint and re-paint, to clean and adjust, to sew and build and rearrange. I will do the things I love to do and I will blog about it - but I will do it for me and I will remember who I am. Home is not just a place of dwelling, it is a state of being. Although I love my house, my home lies within the hearts of my family - wherever I am, as long as I am with them, I am simply home.

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  1. So wonderful to meet another blogger from the Island!! I live here in the Cowichan Valley and have a blog of my own. Would love for you to come over for a visit!
    Pamela from French Buttons :)