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Friday, November 25, 2011


I am a believer.

I truly do love these products, so I just thought I would share. 

Here are some of my favorites.

 The window cloth. I use this one to dry windows, mirrors, my stove top, and anything else glass. 
No streaks left behind. 

The dusting mitt. I use this to dust with of course, but this makes the job so easy. 
I especially appreciate it when I clean the blinds.

These are great for using as you would your magic eraser, but without any chemicals!

This! This is one of the products that I love the very most. I clean everything with this. I use it for tubs and showers. I use it on appliances, walls, and floors. I use it to get scuff marks off my cupboards and sticky labels off glass. It takes off grease and scum (I have scum sometimes) amazingly well. (It does have some precautionary directions as it is an abrasive, but so far I haven't found that it scratches anything, or leaves a dull mark, but that would be something I would suggest that you figure out for yourself.

 The toilet brush. Everything you need is right here, all together and ready to use. 
You push down on the handle of the brush and cleanser is released into bristles. 
It works great and smells even better.

The laundry detergent! I do laundry every single day, at least once a day, usually more. 
This little bag, which costs about $30, lasts me at least 6 months, 
even though I have been informed that I am using way to much. 
Apparently you are only suppose to use a teaspoon per load when you have a front loader.

I don't even know what this one is called, but I LOVE this cleaning mitt. 
I use it to do the bathtubs and the tile floors in the bathrooms. 
It has an abrasive side and a softer microfiber side. 
If I could only pick 2 products it would be this mitt and the cleaning paste.

I do care about having chemicals in the home, especially with young kids. We all know that it is just better to try and have as little of that as possible around them, and us. But this is not the reason I use them. I use them because they work. The bonus is that they work without chemicals.

I do not sell Norwex. I am not getting paid to say these things. The items I have shared with you are only a really small selection of the products they have available. If you would like to know more though, I do know someone you could talk to. She resides in Blogland here.

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