a very merry unbirthday to you

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bergen is a night owl. He always has been. He is not big on communication during the day, but when we get time together alone at night, after everyone else is down, he begins to open up. I have discovered that this is not something I can force, as much I want to know what he is thinking, and how he is doing. I must wait for him to speak, and it is usually under the cover of nightfall as he is buried in our bed. Last night as we were reading together we started to talk about his birthday. He wanted to know just how much longer he had to go until then. I realized that it was exactly six months until his birthday! Making it, of course, his half birthday! When I excitedly told him this he looked at me a little funny and asked just what a half birthday is. We don't make it a habit of celebrating such a thing on a regular basis, but I thought under the circumstances that we should. And celebrate we did!
 with these cookies,
  and this book.
We even had some honorary guests.

 Bergen ate and designed lightsabers while I read and soaked up every minute with my 10 and one perfectly half year old son.

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