lest we forget

Friday, November 11, 2011

Poppies; the color of red,
A silent prayer was humbly said.
As they fought on through the war,
Blessings came more and more.
So let us remember those who fought,
To help us be free, in all our thoughts.
by Noelle McCullough

Soldiers are brave,
Soldiers of war,
They fought for our freedom,
And peace ever more.
by Bergen McCullough

We wear poppies on Remembrance Day,
We think about them in this way,
All those who fought for you and me,
To give us peace and harmony.
by Emma McCullough
Today was Remembrance Day. We had a quiet, dark afternoon. We made paper tissue poppies in honor of those who fought for us all those years ago and for the ones who fight today. We are grateful for their bravery and sacrifice. 
The power went out shortly after lunch and as the sun went down we huddled up and stuck together. We lit some candles, practiced the piano, and played some games. I think the highlight of the night though was snuffing out the flames once the power came back on! We even re-lit a few just because apparently it is that much fun.

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