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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

38 days until Christmas! Did you know? If not my children will be sure to tell you! The asking starts well before Halloween and doesn't stop until we have made a paper chain to count down to the 25th of December. Even then they will ask, just to make sure that they are on the right link.

We are having a homemade Christmas again this year. First of all I must say, before you read any further, I DO NOT think that there is anything wrong with buying presents, nothing at all. I do not believe that making gifts is the best or only way of celebrating this holiday, we just happen to love doing it. So, we do! I love finding the perfect project that will be just right for each individual child and the satisfaction of the end product. I love that my kids will peruse though craft books instead of catalogs to decide what they are going to give each other. I am grateful for the feeling it brings into our home. I do believe that Christmas can still be magical without turning commercial, and for our family this works. Therefore we have been busy with all manner of sewing and crafting, knitting and woodworking, in order to be ready in time.

I do worry whether they will actually like the gifts we make or whether they will think they are lame and secretly hold out hope that they will find some shiny new package of the mass produced variety with their name on it under the tree. If that is the case, being the nice kids they are, they will tell me they love it anyways, discard my gifts on the sidelines and hunt for something packaged, held in place with a million twist ties and tiny rubber bands. Good thing for them, even though we are going homemade, Santa always delivers!

I wish I could show you some of the things we have been working on, but that will have to wait until after December 25th, as my children read my blog regularly. A funny thing that is - they live here, everyday, with me. They know everything that is going on. They are usually the topic of said posts, and yet they read.

I can however show you this. She knits and knits and knits, and I LOVE watching her do it!

Happy Christmas preparations!

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  1. I think it's really wonderful that you teach your children how to make things at home and the value of it!

    Eric's step-mom raised her own kids to believe that anything home made is not good enough to be a gift. That breaks my heart! Luckily, Eric's mom had a bigger influence on him and she things homemade things are awesome.

    I'm make Eric's mom an apron for Christmas this year. I'm making one for this step-mom too... she can get over it.

    I really love this idea, thanks for sharing :)