a masterpiece it's not

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When I see pictures of food art on Pinterest I long to be that mother who creates works of art with her children meals. But, I know my limits, and I realize that as much as I desire to make every meal a memorable experience, for now it is a means of survival. 
Little do they know of pandas made with rice, and sharks carved out of watermelons. They have yet to discover such things as the Eiffel Tower constructed from cheese, and frogs sliced from apples and carrots
Yet I can (thanks to my sweet friend Lisa Burbank) make peanut-butterflies for lunch! 
The end result - one very pleased 3 year old. It's the simple things. Good thing I am a simple girl. 

Someday, I might get really crazy and try my butterfly skills using an apple as my medium instead!

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  1. I remember the basket you made out of a watermelon once. You could make any of those other things (especially the shark...too cute!).