board and batten

Saturday, April 30, 2011

We spent our Saturday, a beautiful sunny Saturday, in the bathroom. That is the LAST place my husband wanted to be, but he did it for me. As we were working away I remembered back to when we first moved into this house. It is by far the nicest house we have ever owned. Upon purchase, Darren was so excited by the fact that we wouldn't have any projects to do as it was only 2 years old. Poor man. Little did he know that no matter where we live there will ALWAYS be projects to do. I am so grateful for his help and willingness. This bathroom is going very slowly, but it is going. Today we got all the molding on the walls, and I even sanded all the edges. It is really for caulking and paint. There is still so far to go, but we checked 1 major thing off the list. 

And it will be so nice to have this pile gone from our bedroom.

Thank you Darren, for all you do!

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