brown eyed boys

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is Tate. Tate has brown eyes - the only 1 in our family. I love these eyes. I tell him all the time. As I was hugging him today I told him that I was so very grateful that Heavenly Father sent him to me. Then I asked him if he knew why he was sent to me, and he said, "because I have brown eyes......and kissing pillows (which is what I call his soft chubby cheeks). I laughed and told him, "YES!!, and you are the only one with brown eyes. That is pretty special." He then said, "Kevin is the only kid in his family with brown eyes. He is my best buddy." Kevin, we love you and miss you! Have the BEST experience you can, and we will see you and your brown eyes in 2!

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