change in course

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We started reno's on our bathroom and soon after realized that we were going in the wrong direction. We want to spend as little money as possible, but if we are going to do this we might as well be happy with the end results. So we had to stop and re-think. This has taken weeks. I have never had such trouble with a room before. I think it is because the fixtures in a bathroom are pretty permanent. It is not quite like re-painting a room if you don't like the color. If I don't like the cabinet, or the sink, or the faucet that I buy and install, I am out a lot more than $30. 

I thought that I had finally figured it all out for a 2nd time and began again. Then I started to panic, what if I don't like it when it is all done?, or what if it doesn't come together like it does in my mind?

{Below are some pictures I have used for inspiration}

I think I want a vanity like this...
{source unknown}

or maybe something like this...

{source: Ana White}

1 of these....

walls like this...

{source unknown}

a sink like this (already purchased)...

{source unknown}

and a faucet like this.

I, even I,  am having my doubts. I love all white bathrooms in pictures, but will I love it in reality?
Sincerely, Creatively Confused.


  1. I don't see how you could go wrong with those choices. My pick is for the first vanity.

  2. I love all the choices as well! I think the bathroom will turn out beautifully!