Dear Emma,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

8 years ago your family and loved ones {but most especially mom and dad} celebrated. You came into this world - small and pink and perfect. We did not serve cupcakes or play party games, but our hearts were filled with gratitude and thanksgiving as we beheld in awe the most marvelous of reasons to have joy. The following years have been filled with the laughter that you cause, the energy that you share, and the spirit that you spread with an open heart wherever you go. You love without reason, you share all you have, you live with purpose and inspiration. 

- 8 years later we celebrate again -

Planning your birthday party this year was just as much fun as it always is. We started the celebrations on your actual birthday with cupcakes and swimming. We then spent the next 2 days getting ready for your party. We made cake pops and candies. We painted Posies - 1 to look like each of your guests, to put in the goody bags. We hung butterflies from the ceiling, we painted and crafted and egg-hunted. We laughed a lot and had so much fun. We celebrated you. How grateful I am to have an excuse as wonderful as you to celebrate in pink all over again. 

Happy 8th birthday Emma - may you receive as much joy as you so freely give others.


  1. That looked like such a fun and pretty birthday party!
    Happy Birthday Emma!
    I gave my mom an envelope for Emma for her birthday and especially baptism. I told her to give it to Emma any time - but remind her!

  2. Fun! Looks like everything turned out perfectly! Happy Birthday Emma! WE love you!